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next year is the 30th anniversary of the birth of the air jordan, in this is a landmark year, Jordan brand will be released many let people speechless classic make. Following the previous exposure Air Jordan 1 "Laser" officially kicked off the laser series. Next, as shoes, fans the most sought after air jordan 4 also put on the laser's new clothes, and before the same, shoes, body covered AJ elements of laser totem details with to metallic silver and white, insole printed with the logo of the 30th anniversary of the. Finally, equipped with ice blue outsole presented. Here to bring more details for your reference. Source: sneakerbardetroitStussy x Converse Skidgrip joint shoes first 2014-05-06 22:51:12 power giant Stussy often teamed up with old friend sports brand CONVERSE, and launched cooperative shoes. The day before, the two sides once again hit it off, bring the new Stussy x Converse Skidgrip is the trend of people. The Stussy is based on Skidgrip minimalist lines, collocation on the same simple blue color, with white lace and soles, finally in the bottom position into the Navy the collocation of white checkerboard pattern, as the works of a touch. The Logo also appeared in the tongue position buy cheap jordans online and insole, highlight the theme of the joint. Nike Air Huarache " Treeline" upcoming 2015-12-22 11:54:36 day before Nike's classic shoes Air Huarache launched a new color, the designer with grass green and white with a whole. The use of suede material ensures its excellent texture, and excellent color matching creates a youthful atmosphere for it. It is reported that the shoes will be fully landed in the shops in the near future, the interested friends may wish to pay attention to it, maybe your spring is decided by it. Eason Chan helps Adidas Originals ZX FLUX 16:26:58 activity in Beijing 2015-04-17 adidas Originals ZX FLUX "unlimited" wave to Beijing, spokesman Eason Eason Chan appeared to help out, suddenly let the atmosphere more lively activities. This time, Adidas Originals specially launched an interactive website for 2015 spring and summer ZX FLUX series, and Eason also demonstrated it personally. Simply through the "Eason", "Get Fluxed" and "Just Flux It" three groups of keywords input, the web page to show you the colorful printing design ZX FLUX shoes, perfect reflects the ZX FLUX Infinite Possibility "type infinite" style. Then Adidas Originals designed two small interactive games jordans on sale online specifically for Eason to challenge his "Infinite Possibilities"". The first link is the challenge of vital capacity. Please Eason read "Fluuuuuuuuuuuux" in the longest possible breath, and challenge it with the media friends of the field. The second part is a touch and speed one challenge, in a mixture of ZX FLUX and other Adidas series Originals shoe box, let Eason blindfolded, and according to the heel of the unique design of the ZX FLUX ZX FLUX, to find out the shoes in 30 seconds, the tension is full of fun. Through the cooperation of Eason, we can explain the infinite possibilities of ZX FLUX. When theDifferent charm · classic same Nike Air Foamposite Pro three coconut color contrast 2016-02-27 12:28:50 Nike Air Foamposite Pro "Pure Platinum" will be released next month, today again exposed the new picture. The photographer put three kinds of "coconut bubble" placed together, so that we can see enough at a time. Compared to the other two colors, "gray coconut" is a little low-key, but it has a different charm. March 12th, it's coming, are your friends ready? At that time, you can hit the spirit of 12 million, after all, such a popular shoe money, is also the goal of shoe dealers.  jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black 2296;br old="" lover,="" i="" love="" air="" jordan="" time="" is="" 1="" mid="" new="" 2017-02-25="" 11:20:40 distance from the last Air Jordan 1 Old Love New Love suite has been sold for ten years, this time, Jordan Brand in this year once again engraved New Love color Air Jordan 1 Mid. The engraved retained 10 years ago the black and yellow color, wing Logo shoes by the collar inlaid way. The shoes are now on sale, like friends may start as soon as possible. With the development of the market in recent years, Jordan Brand is a new attempt in time, an important attempt which named Pinnacle series is Jordan Brand peak. The original classic shoes of China luxury upgrade, bring far more luxury sports shoes reflect. Recently appeared on the network of a Air Jordan 1 Low Pinnacle spy photos, with the liquid silver as the main character, and desalination Logo, Swoosh Logo also remove the shoes side. The most surprising is the Pinnacle peak series of luxury is to implement the shoes all the details, not only to limit the presentation of new packaging, even the shoes with brand also bring a big surprise. The golden giant flying as a tag, and a three-dimensional cutting way, it can be said that this ta air jordan 11 space jam for sale g is enough to cause everyone's desire to buy. At present about this pair of new sale time is unknown, we may wish to continue to further lock reports.Over half of 2015, Sneaker did not delay to impact events West and Adidas, Kanye eye, Teng Yuan Hao and Nike, light is the two people off the Mancheng situation. However, this year the battle of shoes and more than That's all., very many portions of the heavy work in the second half of the year will be landing through Yoho! Sharp eyes Boys and authoritative analysis of the industry, we have to choose one million spirit for you to bring the second half of the most potential, the most high shoes of the strongest analysis value of surprise. Adidas Yeezy Boots 350 release date: June 27, 2015 the highest price forecast: RMB 5000 Kanye West said that although everyone can buy adidas 750 Yeezy Boost, when the shoes were fired to $7000 and also when to buy, can only sigh Kanye and Adidas by West in the limelight is too strong. As the Yeezy Boots 350 brothers from the upcoming fashion week debut officially released, to take a more breathable Primeknit woven material to create a shoe body, inside with the letter "YZY", followed by the use of canvas tab, using Retro jordans for sale the same Boost outsole sole. Yeezy Boots 350 of the sale price of $210, but with the warning, but also must be worth over several times. Nike Flyknit Racer "Multicolor" 2.0 release date yet to be announced: predicted maximum price: RMB 2500Nike Flyknit Racer as Nike to build the first type of knitting uppers, opened a new era of barefoot lightweight running shoes, has also become a popular street shoes, in recent years, Flyknit Racer with a single color collocation, has launched the Oreo 2 black and white color has a grab head broken and bleeding. In fact, Flyknit Racer "Multicolor" series was the most popular classic shoes. This summer, Flyknit Racer "Multicolor" will open in the 2 mode of return, keep the original appearance, the purple, green and blue with build and use knitting uppers, black and white to emphasize the unique building each shoe pattern is the one and only, the series will be launched in the second half of this year, is worth of treasure. Air Jordan 1 Chicago OG release date: May 30th the highest price forecast: Chicago bulls color RMB 4700Air Jordan 1, the absolute level of God is a collection of. This pair of shoes is not only at the beginning of the 1985 advent of the histo cheap air jordans ry of Jordan Brand, and MichaeY[Chinese shoes Network - Brand News] April 15, Yao Yao fund sponsored by the China Youth Development Foundation, the China Basketball Association jointly organized the "Yao fund Hope Primary School Basketball Season" series of public projects in the second quarter official start up. Pick as the charity partner for two consecutive years, "Yao fund Hope Primary School Basketball Season" provides free competition clothing, clothing basketball shoes, goggles, as well as volunteers, referees, staff. "Yao fund hope primary school basketball season," stressed the concept of "body ? educating people to open ? New Hope." "Sport is an important part of education, which is a training of the will of character. Now we are more focused on who to take first, while ignoring the cultivation of personality." Yao said at the launching ceremony, "We want their children to learn not only in the activities of the basketball skills, while on the party's platform by basketball let them expand their horizons, make friends, become more confident in itself is not basketball, but carries a lot of things. " "This is exactly the starting point of one of the Olympic Youth Development Program." Pe jordan 3 katrina 2018 ak CEO Xu Zhihua said that in order to promote the other sports of basketball development, youth sports and cultural learning culture consciousness, is the Olympic and deep thinking, "Yao Foundation" in hand and core values. "Olympic Youth Development Program" is one of the brand's core Olympic welfare projects, aimed at young athletes train through basketball camp, basketball game, basketball Park, Olympic champion college, public donations, and in basketball as Other sports core, appropriate radiation football. Support "Yao fund hope primary school basketball season," one that is "Pick youth development sub-program" important foreign cooperation projects. As the first elementary school in the hope to carry out large-scale enlightenment basketball and sports events, Yao hope the children continue to enjoy activities from basketball to bring happiness, but through sports cultivate character exudes positive energy of the will. This year participation "Yao fund hope primary school basketball season," the school in the second quarter from last year's 47 increased to 79, of which 42 participated in the activities of the first basketball season. Meanwhile, in order to minimize the inconvenience of the cheap foamposites site location, this year's "basketball season" set up training and games stuff district two stations, respectively, by Mianyang City (July 20 to 25) and Lu'an City, Anhui Province (August 10 to 15) contractors. "This is the second Olympic sponsorship Yao fund hope primary school basketball season, we also hope to always accompany this charitable activities continue to grow." Zhi-Hua Xu said, "Physical education is a long way to go in the process, as the Olympic a leading brand of professional sports, the Chinese sports education development support, support the development of Chinese sports industry, responsibility. " In addition to supporting" Yao fund hope primary school basketball season, "Pick the years also have poor areas, game primary and secondary schools and training conditions are not ripe to donate basketball equipment, and take the opportunity of the Olympic Chinese NBA star trip for them with real opportunities to learn and exchange of experts, the real spirit of basketball, basketball cultural promotion throughout the country. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe Information Center)[Chinese shoes Network - Brand News]. "Efforts to release our heart jordans on sale mens felt original strength, added Eason Chan, together with creation part of our musical journey, enjoy the sway of your original talent" continuation of the pop culture and fashion heat, adidas Originals has been the unique original spirit dominate. August 2012 Passion upgrade, adidas Originals "team exhausting enthusiasm" campaign started, sweeping the globe! Superstar led major international advertising and share original. adidas Originals encourage and invite everyone whole-heartedly, daring to express the most exciting team, to release from the heart of the original strength, assembly partners to join, to make every team passion! cool trend hit global superstar streets lead you to share the stage For the adidas Originals, the ubiquity of the most creative brand core value is reflected. In the fall, adidas Originals create "make every team warm" campaign trying to self-expression of young people eager to share with the world, to show the world and the passion of this generation of creative talent! Global Brand Ambassador Eason, creative inspiration and more adidas Originals together, triggering an unprecedented musical fashion. In the upcoming broadcast of the adidas Originals brand Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale new ad, the King of Pop Eason Chan (Eason Chan) portrait of interpretation, more international superstar Nikki ? Mina (Nicki Minaj), fashion design geeks ? Jeremy Adams Cote (Jeremy Scott), NBA most valuable star Derek ? Rose (Derrick Rose), hip-hop guru Big Sean (Big Sean) and South Korea have said the trend of women's groups 2NE1 coordinate other international stars in the world sway Creative, lead people walk in the streets of fashion. In the streets as a stage, assembled his team, the collision of inspiration, the release of passion, to show the world an unparalleled creativity! advertising film background song "Masquerade" specially write the Nikki ? Mina (Nicki Minaj), her wonderful creative musical sketch the outline, the creative spirit of the series, connected to every corner of the world! assault team into the mirror Eason new MV 2012 ?? adidas Originals "team exhausting warm" series of activities point to global, with an innovative spirit to the world smaller, so that the passion and creativity assembled into groups. From August to September, a car heading for the streets of adidas Originals retro, traveled to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, led by adidas Originals commandos capture these cities most IN team photo. In addition, across Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu and Kunming five major cities, adidas Originals "whole-heartedly Studio" will freeze moments in major team! Adidas Originals encourage and invite everyone whole-heartedly through the Internet, mobile phones, street activities, etc. a variety of ways, daring to express the most exciting team. adidas Originals as a representative of the spirit of innovation, Eason Chan also produced specifically for this event, an original new song, exclusively featured in adidas Originals "team exhausting enthusiasm," the official website. Participate in activities, you can here the first time to download and listen to Eason's new masterpiece. Meanwhile, adidas Originals will be selected to participate in the activities of the 1000 team photo together into the mirror Eason to create a new exclusive adidas Originals MV, October 10 presented the whole situation. adidas Originals believe wonderful everywhere, whenever and wherever there is creative team, the team will have the most out of color photos. The event will continue until the end of September 20, the most creative team coming soon, adidas Originals will work with you to look forward to the event details Reference: http: // (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative! most professional footwear News)Adidas recently once again for its NFL star Robert · Griffin Sans Adidas RG III signature boots additional new color, choose a wine red leather shoes, the tongue with orange red printed its personal Logo, and the use of the exclusive Boost corrosion epicenter bottom rubber outsole is translucent collocation. adidas-rg3-rgiii-trainer-redskins-01.jpg (79.41 KB, download times: 2) download attachment 2014-6-4 upload at 22:46 adidas-rg3-rgiii-trainer-redskins-04.jpg (75.31 KB, download times: 0) download attachment 2014-6-4 upload at 22:46 adidas-rg3-rgiii-trainer-redskins-05.jpg (75.56 KB, download times: 0) download attachment 2014-6-4 upload at 22:46 adidas-rg3-rgiii-trainer-redskins-02.jpg (88.49 KB, download times: 2) download attachment 2014-6-4 upload at 22:46 adidas-rg3-rgiii-trainer-redskins-03.jpg (111.37 KB, download times: 0) download attachment 2014-6-4 upload at 22:46 adidas-rg3-rgiii-trainer-redskins-06.jpg (213 KB, download times: 1) download attachment 2014-6-4 22:46 upload , Adidas, RG3, RG, III, Boost, Trainer, Washington 00 Under Armour's highly acclaimed outdoor shoes Fat Tire is known as hovercraft, and the brand this time is to further enhance the mobility and comfort of this paragraph. New Fat, Tire, Mid, and Fat, Tire, Onda, arc shaped soles make people feel fresh and new, while the leather shoes face leisurely terrain and conditions. under-armour-fat-tire-mid-1.jpg (171.29 KB, download times: 6) download attachment Under, Armour, Fat, Tire, Mid, &, Onda 2016-11-3 upload at 10:28 under-armour-fat-tire-mid.jpg (156.25 KB, download times: 5) download attachment Under, Armour, Fat, Tire, Mid, &, Onda 2016-11-3 upload at 10:28 under-armour-fat-tire-onda.jpg (167.56 KB, download times: 5) download attachment Under, Armour, Fat, Tire, Mid, &, Onda 2016-11-3 upload at 10:29 under-armour-fat-tire-onda-1.jpg (144.84 KB, download times: 5) download attachment Under, Armour, Fat, Tire, Mid, &, Onda 2016-11-3 upload at 10:28 under-armour-fat-tire-mid-2.jpg (104.52 KB, download times: 6) download attachment Under, Armour, Fat, Tire, Mid, &, Onda 2016-11-3 upload at 10:28 under-armour-fat-tire-mid-3.jpg (208.43 KB, download times: 5) download attachment 〉