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in November, it is a good time, NIKE is an invigorating autumn climate with the times, very close to launch a very Nike Air Force 1 autumn style. This pair of Nike Air Force 1 Low low Brown / white color, the vamp with brown leather and nubuck leather to create mixed, and hook white standard foil, shoes lining, and the bottom in the tongue tag is also white, Vicenza, Shashi good-looking. Finally it is dark chocolate brown outsole, picturesque dragon dotting the like, for this pair of plain shoes draw a perfect end. This new product will be on sale this year in November, in each NIKE franchised store is on sale grandly, please continue to lock NBA battle shoes king, follow-up wonderful report. Source: Battle shoes Wang Nike winter chocolate AF1Nike, Zoom, Kobe, V, Chaos, clown, color matching comments on last article: Nike winter chocolate AF1 next article: Nike Zoom Kobe V Chaos clown color matching the famous American skateboard brand Vans's high-end Vault extension Vans recently jointly San Francisco artist Scott Barry to launch a named "Between You and the Ground" in the spring of 2011 brochure. The 30 page product book did not particularly emphasize the characteristics of skateboarding, but more life, but also highlights the more emphasis on the characteristics of the life of the feeder. Unfortunately, this product book will be given only in designated stores in the United States, and friends from mainland China will not be able to meet. Therefore, we can o Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale nly bring some previews for everyone. , [page], subtitle, #e#, [page], subtitle, #e#, Red, Wing, 2011, fall and winter, new Sky, High, simple and luxurious, Gucci, spring 2011, High, Top, Sneakers comments on last article: Red Wing 2011, autumn and winter new Sky High next article: simple and luxurious, Gucci Spring 2011 High Top Sneakers in the men's fashion design industry, from the New York designer Eunice Lee can be said is a little green leaves red, the women's eyes, to create a fresh Unis brand image, the American classic aesthetic mastery after, in the blend of different countries and regions of the characteristics of eventually created the Unis brand's unique style. Recent brand celebrated its 15th Anniversary Memorial, launched a series of challenges of clothing: "these are our cornerstone pieces - the ones we 've built our reputation." who presided Eunice Lee said. Series to the consistent simplicity and contrast colors, style including Bomber Leather, Jacket Varsity, Breasted Coat Double and T-Shirt LEE, all in the United States manufacturing. source: Unis"Desire beyond" professional not only run ASICS Arthur brand experience shop grandly opened 2016-07-15 15:37:17 Arthur, a professional sports equipment brand, held a grand opening ceremony in Shanghai today for the completion of the first brand experience store in China, which set another milestone for the development of Arthur brand ASICS market in china. Arthur, chairman and chief executive officer of Mr. O air jordan 11 space jam for sale yama Ki, Mr. Yang Chuanhua, chairman and general manager Mr. Huang Zehui and Arthur China District Yimin group, with many brand friends witnessed this moment. (left) Arthur, general manager of Chinese District Mr. Huang Zehui, chairman Arthur Group CEO, Mr. Wei Shan Group Yimin Group Chairman Mr. Yang Chuanhua, Arthur Chinese deputy general manager Ms. Chen Xiaotong ASICS Arthur Shanghai brand experience shop ribbon Since the founding of , Arthur has been adhering to the idea of "training young people through sports to promote social development", through the quality of products and professional services to help people create a healthy and happy lifestyle. Arthur, chairman and chief executive officer Mr. Oyama Ki said at the press conference: "Chinese market has been Arthur's strategic focus for a long time, the Shanghai brand store grand opening, to further strengthen the Arthur brand positioning as a professional sports equipment manufacturers. Its establishment is not only to meet the demand of Chinese consumers for the rapid growth of professional sports equipment, but also fully express the brand's deep commitment to the Chinese market. We hope to introduce advanced sports technology and innovative products to the Chinese market, not only to help athletes, but also to help the vast number of Chinese sports fans continue to transcend, and achieve healthy physique and high quality of life." (left) Arthur: elite athletes Chinese national Triathlon team player Jia jordans on sale online ng Zhihang and former Japanese women's Olympic marathon gold medalist yekou Mizuki and Chinese national Triathlon team according to a golden Arthur's handprint pictures; Shanghai brand experience shop opened for sports enthusiasts from the category of professional equipment, a series of unique professional evaluation, to a full range of brand experience, daily running training activities. There are all kinds of high quality professional products of Arthur brand, including running, training, tennis, badminton, volleyball and children, and so on. ASICS Arthur brand experience shop officially opened at the same time, the store also has Arthur professional 3D foot test service "dynamic FOOT ID"". In particular, there is a Arthur Running Lab running laboratory in the store, which helps the runners further release their running potential by scientifically measuring and analyzing the running ability of runners. This is the first time the laboratory has introduced other Asian countries outside japan. Arthur elite from China National Triathlon teamThe logo of 1.adidas how to identify true and false?? A: by some of the basic elements you can identify, A. first D and three bars in a corner of the first corner connected to the B.I point above second bars connected with C. second D and three bars in a corner of the third corner is if we do not meet the above the printed label, embroidered logo are fake, in the identification of this point on the printed label imitation will be jordans on sale mens better, but can very good imitation embroidered logo is not much A: genuine embroidered logo with the line color is bright, the stitches are dense, it is obvious that all the letters will not have a thread connecting, if you find a connection among all the letters, basic can be sure this is fake Answer: , has been disabled, so now the new basic may not appear such standard. A: what is the three stickers? This is the term that we see a lot of clothes AD from the shoulder to the sleeve has three piece of cloth until the cuff, that is the three official three stickers, stickers there are so few provisions shoes discrimination 002.JPG (26.49 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2007-9-8 19:24 upload a-closer-look-at-the-air-jordan-1-pinnacle-1.JPG (167.18 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-5-25 18:19 upload a-closer-look-at-the-air-jordan-1-pinnacle-2.JPG (152.54 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-5-25 18:19 upload a-closer-look-at-the-air-jordan-1-pinnacle-3.JPG (225.39 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-5-25 18:19 upload a-closer-look-at-the-air-jordan-1-pinnacle-4.JPG (237.41 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-5-25 18:19 upload a-closer-look-at-the-air-jordan-1-pinnacle-5.JPG (212.32 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album n recently, the m jordan 3 katrina 2018 edia exposure of a "Nike Durant Institute of technology" theme KD 7 PE, this shoe in the "35K Degrees" color on the basis of the training camp joined logo. Take a closer look at these shoes. It's nothing special, but Durant's PE becomes even more valuable when Durant is likely to sign a contract with UA. Japan Levi's latest Fenom Dungaree Western on this Shirt also seems to give people a sense of comfort and leisure use. And some details like looking for treasure is surprising, because in a chest pocket was stealing money. The lightning mark download (112.08 KB) download (51.89 KB)& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Brand News] Olympic sports in the first half performance report released today, the data show that the first half the company's turnover exceeded 20 billion mark, an increase of 24.7 percent compared to same period last year to 2.256 billion yuan, net profit reached 423 million yuan, an increase of 22.1%. Gross margin for the period was 39.9%, up 2.2 percentage points over the same period last year of 37.7%. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; footwear and apparel product revenue both exceeded 10 billion mark & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; reported that the increase in the first half Peak Group the average selling price, so turnover grew by 24.7%. Calculated from the business segment, footwear, apparel and accessories categories sales compared to last year are growing, especially footwear and clothing category in the first half of this year total sales were ove cheap air jordans r 10 billion yuan, of which footwear products sold 11.8 million pairs, sales reached 1.019 billion yuan, representing an increase of 22.9 percent year on year; apparel products sold 24.1 million, sales reached 1.194 billion yuan, representing an increase of 26.8%. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; In addition, the overall gross profit margin increased by 0.2 percentage points to 39.9%, including footwear gross profit increased by 1.8 percentage points to 39.6 percent, clothing product gross margin increased by 2.6 percentage points to 40.2%. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; from regional turnover, the first half of this year, due to the Olympic sports of China's distribution network continued to expand, China market revenues 2.023 billion yuan, an increase of 25.3% compared to the same period last year , 89.7% of the total turnover, which in eastern China sales outstanding, in the first half income 855 million yuan, an increase of 655 million yuan over last year to reach 30.6%. In addition, due to increased demand in emerging markets in Asia and Africa, revenue Olympic sports overseas market reached 233 million yuan, an increase of 20.2% compared to the same period last year, accounting for 10.3% of total turnover in the first half of Pick's. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; China second and third tier cities will continue as a development layout marketing focus & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; reported that as of June 2011 on the 30th, the end of 2010 compared to a net increase in the number of Olympic s jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black ports retail store 395, reached 7619, an increase of 14.1% compared with the end of last year, total sales area and average sales area per store were 595,000 square meters and 78.2 square meters, Each retail outlets average turnover of 273,000 yuan, up 10.1 percent compared to the same period last year. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; report, due in the first half of 2011, rising raw material prices rise more than the direct labor costs, resulting in raw material costs accounted for the proportion of the total cost of its own production from last year's 65.4 % to 68.3%, the cost of Olympic sports in the first half of 2011 sales of 1.357 billion yuan, an increase of 20.3% compared to the same period last year. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; product innovation, Peak Group launched a total of 381 models in the first half of new footwear products, 644 models of new products and 399 new models clothing accessories, compared to the first half of Xtep Group Release of approximately 2000 models new shoes, brand clothing section 2700, a slight lack of product development. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; the same with China, another major sports brand Xtep Group, Olympic sports will also be China's second and third-tier cities as a product marketing focus, in China exhibition two, three-city retail The number reached 7193, accounting for 94.4% of total retail Olympic brand. It reported that new retail Peak Group in the future will also be mostly in the second and third tier cities. & nbsp; & nbsp; & n cheap foamposites bsp; The report shows that, at present, Peak Group is outsourcing the production of most products are still a few years in the first half, Peak Group produced a total of 12.3 million pairs of footwear, of which 52% is outsourced products, own production of about 5.9 million pairs of footwear products, the production of apparel products 24.7 million, of which 75.3% is outsourced product, own production of apparel products is about 6.1 million, the second half of this Peak Group plans to invest 80 ten thousand yuan inflated production capacity. County of Jiangxi Province in the footwear factory is expected to be fully operational by the end of 2012, when the Peak Group of footwear production will increase to 15.7 million pairs, clothing products, in Hui'an County, Fujian Province clothing factory is expected to be fully operational by the end of 2013, when Peak Group apparel products production will increase to 18.7 million. In addition, the Peak Group also plans to invest one billion yuan in the construction of Heze clothing production base, is expected to begin construction in 2012, which lasted for three years completed.23 California Supreme Court ruling against the German company Adidas, prohibit shoes sold by the company in California made of kangaroo leather. US animal protection organization said the decision to rely on state legislation for the protection of animals, such as kangaroos, grizzly bears, bald eagles and wolves and other "very important" Since 1971, Calif buy cheap jordans online ornia will prohibit the sale or import of Kangaroo leather products. US animal rights organization Viva! USA2003????????????????????????????|??.adidas's revolutionary midsole technology, Boost, has been widely used in many shoe models since its publication in 2013, and the appearance of the Ultra Boost has prompted us to redefine traditional thinking about jogging shoes. In addition, we can also find the designer for the main material Primeknit has also put considerable effort vamp in them, and with the development of this technology is gradually mature, from the original conception until the emergence of color gradient color, even using reflective elements, all bring us many amazing place. source: EU KICKS when basketball shoes appear on the baseball field, they often make some adjustments in performance, such as changes on the vamp and outsole, which bring different styles to the original shoes. Following the July 21st New York Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia's birthday, foreign websites SOLE COLLECTOR in order to help the players celebrate, sorted out before he crossed the Jordan Brand PE, let's take a look at these special shoes. AJF 5, Turf 'Brewers' (2008) AJF 5, Black/Gold (2008) Air Jordan 4, Black/White-Pitch Blue (2009) Air Jordan 4 Black/Grey (2009) Air Jordan 4, Turf Black/White (2009) Air Jordan 9 White/Black (2009) Air Jordan 9 Black/White (2009) Air Jordan 9 'Yankees' (2009) Air Jordan 9, Turf Black/White (2009) Air Jordan 11 'Concord' (2009) Air Jord Retro jordans for sale an 11 Turf 'Concord' (2009) AJF 5, Black/White (2009) AJF 5, Black/Grey (2009) Air Jordan 11 "Space Jam" (2010) Air Jordan 11 Turf 'Space Jam' (2010) Air Jordan 11 "Cool Grey" (2010) Air Jordan 12 Black/Grey (2012) Air Jordan 12 'Playoff' (2012) Air Jordan 11 'Yankees' (2013) Air Jordan 1〉adidas Originals launches Jabbar Hi as the concept of "Blueprint" to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar tribute. 3 NCAA champions, 6 NBA Championships, 6 MVP awards, 19 All-Star games, and Jabbar's personal accomplishments, not least, especially the classic day hook pose. The Jabbar Hi has a full blue upper with a full Adidas player name on the right shoe pad, a left shoe pad for any title on the Jabbar, and a pair of shoes with great detail. source: Sole, Collector, &, @kaj33The build of Nike NFL star Darrelle Revis Nike Zoom Revis training shoes widely welcome in this year to pay out dazzling good results, recently the foreign word of Nike will be ready to launch Zoom Revis 2 news, for the first time on the Internet exposure Zoom Revis design 2 with the previous generation the shadow, still have the devil felt the upper design and increased to two, the whole line is still simple and neat, very much looking forward to! For more information, please continue to pay attention to the reports of the tour operators. Photograph: NIKE Superstar Boost shoes features Hip-Hop for a generation of young people, Adidas Superstar has the unshakable status of culture shoes, whether it is the upper shell head (Shell-Toe), tongue three standard (Trifolio) and the three line of shoes on the slanting jagged scale (Three-Stripes), every corner is enough arouse many memories shoes, this pair of shoes has continued to play a charm, from RUN-DMC, NIGO to Pharrell has become common, many celebrities on the foot all-match shoes, but in recent years, Adidas Originals big, in addition to the launch of the classic type of shoes, also based in engraved shoes brought such as NMD Runner, Tubular Shadow and other innovative topic type of shoes, new "force" is visiting Adidas Originals Superstar Boost today. 2017 at the beginning of the year, we saw Adidas Superstar attack from the N revision in 1970 since the birth of the classic elements such as shell, head leather and Clover were intact, but the biggest difference is the most attractive is that in the bottom put on the recent hot Adidas Boost technology since the material buffer material. Since 2013, Adidas Energy published Boost shoes, adidas has now become the main shock technology, e-TPU (Expanded thermoplastic polyurethane) has not admit polymerization from Boost material appearance characteristic, composed of many small materials provided in the rebound effect, but also the visual features, we can see this directly from Adidas Originals Superstar Boost material suspension basket empty insole, outsole arch and even fishbone Between the lines are able to see the Boost material, perhaps due to the relationship between the forefoot outsole or coating is too thin, not so obvious heel cushioning effect, but the actual wearing Adidas Superstar Boost can feel the rebound effect significantly improved than the original shoes, bring new impetus to the classic shoes, the inside of the material science and technology along with the outer thick old car suture, we can say that Superstar Boost maintains the most classic appearance, but also with the new and old shoes fans out of the modern pace of fluent. gold hot stamping of the three leaf logo is the brand logo, such as the use of Adidas, Originals, NMD design boost shock absorption empty design, upper and inner lining are used superior 〉White blue red color exposure KD previously reported in 7, there was a clear picture on the Internet yesterday abroad, to be honest and there is no way to see too much new information, but the net cloth surface near look quite breathable, KD 5 and KD 6 in the aspects of relatively common, whether can be improved in one fell swoop worthy to observe this the color was previously called the American team color, now came to the independence day version, anyway, the combination of white blue red has good popularity, the decision to start prospecting shoe makers is a good choice. source: EU KICKSTracy McGrady in childhood baseball dream after the day before is held at the Adidas Nations camp, not only to return to the stadium, were replaced with Rose III and 773 young players competing. This time, the Rose 773 III 'Adidas Nations' version uses black shoes with contrasting contrasts inside the pink lining, with a totem like design. In this Adidas Nations training camp, you can see many players change this special version of shoes. source: ballislife now, the rapid development of the Internet, so that information can be quickly circulated, brand new shoes did not appear before the show, seems to have been a normal phenomenon. Recently, some netizens share the Under Armour Curry 2.5 reality shoes on the social platform. In addition, Stephen Curry has been personally engaged in the battle yesterday. It seems that it should be far from the official publication. about 2.5 Curry without any official information, the final version of the samples are commercially available and may also have some adjustment, but now we can see is the continuation of the chassis structure of the 2 generation, the body of the shoe to design, the lateral surface through the linear TPU dense structure, the inner side of chloroprene rubber material to create and extended tongue element (similar concepts can be seen in earlier published Speedform Slingshot), also the most attractive is the difference of number of shoelace hole on the inside and outside, so set up lace wear method and traditional symmetric mode some differences, the aim should be to strengthen the inner expectations of coating, but it's only a small one-sided speculation the actual role of official publication, to see the outcome. source: thebasketballshoes