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the introduction of new policies for investment in Guangzhou; the risk of leather industry emerged the day before, Guangzhou proposed to adhere to the correct direction of industry in future foreign investment will strengthen the quality assessment of foreign investment projects, moderate control of foreign investment. For those resources, high energy consumption and serious environmental pollution of foreign-funded enterprises, especially the technical level has been significantly lower than the overall level of development of Guangzhou City, for the city's economic development has contributed to the ability of independent innovation, but does not help the enterprises need to give appropriate control. Among them, leather manufacturing industry is also in need of moderate control of the industry. In addition, as far as the leather industry is concerned, there are three major pressures on the export tax rebate, the rising price of raw leather and the restriction of environmental protection policies. Therefore, the leather industry as a major province of leather production in Guangdong Province, the risk of leather industry is becoming increasingly appar jordans on sale mens ent. the scale in Guangdong Province, leather shoe industry enterprises 1374, total industrial output value of 67 billion 920 million yuan, accounting for 19.65% of the country in the same industry, 2006 exports $11 billion 487 million, accounting for 35.12% of the country in the same industry. An estimated total of more than 20 thousand enterprises, the number of employees about 2 million people, the annual production of various kinds of 4 billion pairs of shoes (which exports nearly 3 billion pairs), accounting for nearly 50%; leather bags 700 million, accounting for more than 60%, ranking the first national counterparts. Guangdong has become the national and even world leather goods, footwear manufacturing center, is also the most important trade center, design and development center, information center and brand center. however, in recent years, although the leather and footwear industry in Guangdong has made remarkable achievements, but the current development of the industry is facing a grim situation. On the one hand is the leather manufacturing industry as a whole is faced with lower export tax rebates, the original leather prices, environment buy cheap jordans online al protection policy limit of three big pressure, while the other is Guangzhou leather industry as a high degree of marketization, the industry of low starting point, the number of enterprises, the processing trade accounted for the majority, a kind of industrial pollution are becoming increasingly serious, will be the impact of the Guangzhou foreign economic and Trade Commission introduction of investment policy. first of all, from the overall environment of the industry, the leather industry faces the following three major pressures: 1; export tax rebate down since July 1st this year, the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation, the NDRC, the Ministry of Commerce and the General Administration of Customs five ministries adjust the 2831 export tax rebate policy, covering all the total number of goods in the customs tariff 37%. Leather enterprises bear the brunt of. In the adjustment of the export tax rebate, the export rebate rate of garments, shoes and hats and viscose fiber will be reduced from 13% beforeIt is learnt that the local brand of Nepal shoes industry is made up of low-priced products and ranks as high-quality cheap foamposites products approved by the sponsors. In the ongoing eighth leather products and footwear show, sales were two times above last year's level. According to the exhibition organizers, leather products and Footwear Manufacturers Association of Nepal, local products now occupy 55% of the market, compared with last year rose 10% it is reported that Nepal shoe industry brands by low-priced products recognized by the sponsors in cross grade quality products. In the ongoing eighth leather products and footwear show, sales were two times above last year's level. According to the organizers of the exhibition, the Nepal leather products and footwear manufacturing association, local products now occupy 55% of the market, compared with last year, an increase of 10%. Hom Nath Upadhyay, President of the Nepal leather products and footwear manufacturing association, said home grown brand shoe demand had increased by at least 10% last year. Domestic manufacturers, such as Sky footwear, Base footwear, Shikhar footwear, Fitrite, Coseli, and Takura, are all focused on quality over price. "Until a few years ago, manufacturers were going to make only cheap products, but now they're putting jordan 3 katrina 2018 quality before prices," says Upadhyay. (Editor: afnhk)Adidas Yeezy is more and more popular with the red half of the sky, the real shoe prices soared, fake shoes also emerge in an endless stream. Recently, Adidas yeezy 350 boost with a black phantom of the opera stage, not surprisingly, attracted a craze, genuine prices has pushed to RMB8000 yuan can be said is hard to find a pair of shoes. But this situation also makes the market appeared a lot of so-called high imitation, custom fake shoes. Many well known and the profits of a pair of fake shoes is very huge, although close to the genuine, but we believe something a lot of technical details, is not imitate fake shoes. Next, we will compare the Adidas yeezy 350 boost genuine and a pair of reduction of a high degree of 350 boost yeezy of Adidas imitation fake shoes: left yeezy 350 boost the suede semicircle region, which has a striking YZY words, font larger and lighter in color. (false) right yeezy 350 boost is a hallmark of suede semicircle region, above YZY smaller font, color is more close to the Suede Black, far look is not very obvious, a farming of cool feeling. (true) three, from the heel lining to see jordans on sale online on the left side of the Yeezy 350 Boost followed by a traditional artificial fabric lining, feel more smooth. (false) right yeezy 350 boost heel lining the hair texture and suede material with turning, and YZY region suede material are close. (true) on the left side of the Yeezy 350 Boost is not only smooth texture, and fill is also very thin, the basic experience of the existence of the memory sponge. (false) right yeezy 350 boost heel lining not only turn hair texture, but also filled with very thick, memory sponge will fit tightly heel around. (true) four, from the soles to see on the left side of the Yeezy 350 Boost on the bottom can be seen as a seal of the same traces, lines are also very not clear. (false) on the right side of the Yeezy 350 Boost 〉Kilates x Reebok Ventilator 24 joint color is not only the twenty-five anniversary of the Ventilator, but also the ten anniversary of the Spanish trend shop. Overwhelmed by the color with green and blue leather stitching, white laces and logo interspersed the meantime, tongue and heel were golden Reebok ventilator and 24 kilates Barcelona words. It is reported that the color will be officially on sale in Retro jordans for sale April 4th. search app store to download and install when guest artifact, the hot shoe money grab single worry free; forum posting shoes identification, God distinguish between true and false, Taobao to buy shoes more at ease; detailed inquiry micro channel dunkhome, microblogging "when off, the interaction does not stop! source: FreakerSneaker "sense" magazine recently catalog edition of autumn and winter to build a Japanese clothing brand TENDERLOIN, will uphold the brand American tooling style of unique interpretation of that location Japanese street photography, models in the upper part of the body filled with 1970s RETRO coats, jackets, sweaters and other costume single product in the urban street walk, in the colorful background more fit the overall atmosphere. At present, the series of clothing has been officially shelves, like friends do not miss! source: HYPEBEAST all star boots; WadeLook at the annual all star game, which inevitably take in under the stars on the feet of boots. As NBA banned the wearing of too fancy shoes in formal competitions, the stars often wear special shoes in the all star game. a piece of the most famous happened 19 years ago, jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black the all star game ended, "Admiral David · Robinson faced the media complaints, Pippen on the feet of the red shoes the limelight too strong, even affected the process of the game, people have found that: the original all star game is not only to appreciate the star of the show, they carefully dress also worth pondering. This tradition of NBA has a direct impact on the stars of CBA. In this year's CBA all star game, Liaoning guard Guo Ailun's "Purple duck and blue" mandarin duck shoes attracted much attention. When reporters inquired about the origin of these shoes, Guo Ailun proudly said, "this is what Wade sent to me." "flash" boots finally fire , everyone admits that the commercial value of "flash man" Wade has been greatly underestimated for a long time. Although he has also launched personal signature shoes before, he can hardly match his field performance. However, the wild lilies also have spring, and when he signed with Lining last year, the moment Wade came in. 2013's NBA all star weekend, Li Ning Co held a news conference for the All-Star special edition of Wade's new signature shoe "Wade road". It not only attracted a large number of local air jordan 11 space jam for sale fans, but also Li Ning Co's best praise for Wade. Lining Wade's all star special edition consists of a purple blue two versions, Wade's color is Zijin in the all star game he was wearing shoes, surprisingly, this pair of shoes color inspiration actually originated from Yu Weide's love of fish, devil fish. devil fish name "manta ray", is a kind of living in the bottom of cartilaginous fishes in tropical and subtropical seas. The devil fish is flat, broad and long, up to 8 meters in width. Don't look at the size of the devil fish, but it does not take the initiative to attack other animals. But when it is frightened, it can not only easily kill people, but also destroy small boats. Some devil fish tail is highly toxic, and it can give people a fatal blow. Dwayne · Wade, the fish and he has a lot of similarities, in the life of Wade generous, elegant, but when he entered the stadium will behave very aggressive, impossible to guard against opponents. The all star game on the same day also coincides with the Lunar New Year Chinese times, mysterious purple color let this pair of Wade's all star special edition more charm, and this color also symbolizes the z Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale iqidonglai, help Wade dominate the game. This year's all star game, Wade's performance is indeed not disappointing. He made 13 shots of 10 in the field, and got the second highest 21 points in the Eastern Star team and 7 times in the team.recently, Westbrook on social media the sun out of their encounter with Guo Ailun at the arena photos, Two picture talk, Westbrook wrote: is very happy to see "" in Losangeles family members' Guo Ailun, bless him." In fact, Westbrook has always been quite appreciate the great nephew, Westbrook in China opened a personal micro-blog, The first player to the attention of the is Guo Ailun . is henceforth Ross, Maddie and other superstars. After Westbrook began playing micro-blog, concerned Guo Ailun, led Guo Shaoyi to face Meng force. Before , Guo Ailun signed the Air Jordan brand, is the only spokesman for the brand in the Asian region, Westbrook is also Air Jordan's signing spokesperson. Guo Ailun has been present in the United States special training, The and Westbrook with box, GuoShao or slightly thin ah ~ When met GuoShao Westbrook, golfers play imagination to help him brother two following these lin cheap air jordans es let's see when Chinese first guard met Westbrook, of the scene, what will happen? although golfers such dialogue is very exciting, is skeptical but Jun skills: Guo Ailun, what will you say English ah! Westbrook, do not understand what you listen to the northeast! then king visited some of Guo Ailun's skills in micro-blog . found him. Micro-blog wrote: my brother Wei society, people not much words! then king laughed: skills is relentless not much, because you do not speak the language! When met GuoShao Westbrook, also use your imagination to distribution lines! has arrived in Paris once a year Quai 54 international championship this year Jordan Brand street, in the choice of Formula 23, Jordan 31 and Low Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG shoes to celebrate the table. In last week's release of Air Jordan 1 was chosen as the main body of black shoes, and extract the red and black two colors were decorated in around the shoe cylinder and the outer bottom, tongue and other details from the Flag of France. Then, Jordan Brand brought the new family and friends exclusive color, the design is the general version of the flip, compared to a more intense asymmetrical way presented. Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG "Quai 54" is priced at $160 and will be available on July 8th. NIKE AIR JORDAN 1 MID sports field New Love Joe 1 black and yellow new 554724-035 $999 to buy? It's been twenty years since Air Max 95 first appeared. The shoe, with its excellent performance, has brought about a change in running. Its unique yellow fluorescent light exudes little confidence, as if it had realized that it was going to be sought after and praised. Unlike other products on the market at the time, the shoes were immediately noticed as soon as they were introduced. ?? ??? This confidence comes from the Nike shoe designer Sergio rozzano · (Sergio Lozano). Since joining the Air , the Max project began, and Lozano and his team, with a strong belief, made numerous improvements to Air , Max , and 95, which were not easy until they were put into production. and Air Max 1 is similar, Lozano's design has also encountered opposition. "The first conceptual review of Air Max 95 was not endorsed by the Committee as a whole. "Some people think it's good, and some people don't like it at all," says Lozano when it comes to designing Nike , Air , Max , and 95. But thanks to the support of the team, he still sticks to his own ideas and designs a shoe that deserves the reputation of Air , the Max family. "Behind this design concept, there are many great supporters.". "Without them, the shoes could not have been made," Lozano said modestly. ? "The first conceptual review of Air Max 95 was not endorsed by the entire committee. Some people think it's good, while others dislike it at all." Sergio: · Lozano? ? adventure business, The Nike running series (Nike , Running) was very popular in the 90 era, but the rapid rise of the Nike basketball series (Nike ) Basketball obscured its brilliance. Nike basketball strides forward to define the style of movement of a generation. The Nike running team knew they had to chase forward. Air Max the 95 project is defined as a way to recapture the running energy of running shoes in the late 80s and early 70s. The shoes must be bold and exciting, unlike any product that has been introduced in the field. "The running shoes team wants the shoes to be diversified and they want to take a risk.". "I guess I'm the reason they're taking the risk," Lozano recalls. The creation of the world In the 1994 model year and "NIKE BLAZER MID AB TZ shoes with high retro style, as a new design of Nike Hachi in 2011 glimpses, overall design can be seen in many classic shoes shadow, special rubber outsole for overall more retro style, with suede and leather shoes hand splicing, is white: white blue and green orange are available, the listing is expected in April. [page] subtitle #e# NSW joint Kanye West individual note Air Yeezy 2 exposure! Robert Clergerie designer series shoes comments on last article: NSW joint Kanye West individual note Air Yeezy 2 exposure! Next: Robert Clergerie designer series shoesif you are a loyal fan of Balance New 577, then you certainly will not be unfamiliar to Singapore's tide shop EDT Limited. A few years ago, EDT New and Balance Limited 577 joint cooperation is still fresh, overwhelmed by the introduction of new work. Blue orange color M577LEV production from Britain flimby factory, here is famous for its production of new balance series of high-end, high-quality materials and excellent workmanship, once again become a classic? number: M577LEVPrice: at 160source: 2 Max Sneakers The

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