Rolex Submariner 116613 versus 16613In April 2009, just after I returned from BaselWorld 2009, I temporarily switched my Rolex Yacht-Master 16622 that has a friend's Submariner 16613.Although I actually needed to enjoy all that gold for this Submariner, the watch was definitely an eye-catcher and felt right in relation to weight, size and appears. The blue dial was amazing, espcially during daylight.Since BaselWorld 2009, Rolex introduced the new stainless steel/gold Submariner 116613. Utilizing their new style case, just like the GMT-Master IIc 116710LN as well as the earlier introduced white gold or platinum Submariner 116619, obviously that is Rolex's way forward. It would appear that Rolex paid attention to plenty of customers the best replica rolex , and it is firing their innovations to us in up-tempo. Rolex brings us new and improved movements (parachrom, YMII movement), a fresh sort of bracelet with solid gold center links and a new folding clasp and ofcourse the modern case design.John Holbrook with the Rolex Reference Page and Watch Talk Forums Inc wrote a superb comparative review on the new Two Tone Submariner 116613 plus the former 16613 model. He the opportunity to evaluate the new Two Tone Submariner and compare it to his personal Z-series model Submariner 16613.Below you observe the photos that he took of both models:However the differences seem like quite obvious, I suggest you read John's article to understand more about the modifications that Rolex designed to its most iconic type of the last few decades.Click this link to read through "COMPARATIVE REVIEW: The Rolex Submariner 16613 vs. the Rolex Submariner 116613"As I planned to wait BaselWorld 2010, I suppose that one with the appliances Rolex will likely be introducing may be the new Submariner in steel, probably with similar case design and bracelet since the full gold and gold/steel models watches . I'd look at this a great successor to your 16600 Sea-Dweller and 16610 Submariner, since the new Deep-Sea Sea-Dweller is a completely different design by reviewing the predecessor. However, replica panerai watches you don't know if Rolex will be planning to introduce the Rolex Submariner 116610 this year, that they will have something very different or that they'll skip each year making use of their innovations.Both photos are being used with permission from WATCH TALK FORUMS INC replica breitling blue face watches
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